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Join TABN guild today! AVATAR HELP
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~ 1 The first and most important rule in this guild is that all members shall abide by Neopets rules. Simple, straight forward.
~ 2 All members should treat others in the game with the respect they would wish for themselves. If I have to go into more detail, then might I suggest attending kindergarten.
~ 3 To move up in rank within the guild, all that is needed is participation. The simplest and easiest way to participate is to post on the guild message board. It could be a simple greeting, a copy and paste of a random event, or even your neopet goals or achievements. Spam would be things like advertising your shop, "bump", and taking several posts to make a sentence.
~ 4 Donations. These are not mandatory at any point. They are against Neopet's rules for a reason. All "donations" to the guild fund are purely charity and go towards helping guild members get the more expensive avatars, and occasionally to set up 1np auctions. Should you send an item to the guild fund and change your mind, please be reasonable in regards to the time frame. Requesting a return in the first 48 hours is reasonable, a month down the road is not.
~ 5 Anyone caught scamming will be summarily banned from the guild and reported. This is a game, and I like to have fun too. Lets keep it fun.
~ 6 Game contests. The guild does have these. There are no entry fees, any and all members are elligible to play, and should the guild choose to give out prizes, it will never be posted outside the guild or on this website.