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min. 3

piranha55 - 9
mgsmgs131 - 8
xxaurora_borealisxx - 5
cassidy1985 - 5
homegrown1s - 5
lilgalaxy - 5
barbieisfun - 4
shakaty - 3
uriahsmom - 3
larryfan_93 - 3

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CARNIVAL OF TERROR: type "custard" for extra time!

DUBLOON DISASTER: type "scallywags" to create a whirlpool!

FRUMBALL: type "kougra" to start the next level (resets your score to 0)

LAVA RUN: type "lava" to gain a shield!

SNOW MUNCHER: type "buuuurrrrrrrrp" to decrease bloat by 50%!(4 u's, 8 r"s)

SUTEKS TOMB: Type "pyramibread" as many times as you'd like while playing Sutek's Tomb to see the next possible move!


CHEAT: The goal of this game is to get rid of all your cards before the other players do. They are all notorious cheaters, so play honest with little to no cheating and you should be able to win. After winning the first hand, you get the CAPARA secret avatar. After the third hand is won, you get a bronze trophy. Defeat all your Opponents to win the GOLD!

PYRAMIDS: The goal of this game is to clear the pyramid before you run out of cards in your draw pile. Remember that aces are BOTH high and low.(example: 3, 2, A, K, A, 2 ...)after clearing the pyramid 5 times you get a silver trophy. You need to clear the pyramid twice in a row to get the GOLD!

SAKMET SOLITAIRE: The goal of this game is to get all the cards in piles from ace to king. Of course this isn't easy because it all depends on which cards are where. You can get rid of the cards in your draw pile by placing them on the other cards in decending order and alternating colours(example: red J, black 10, red 9 ....). Kings can be moved to empty rows so that you can uncover cards that are facedown. 5 wins gets you a silver trophy, and 2 wins in a row get you the GOLD!

CELLBLOCK: The object of this game is to get 5 markers in a row before your opponent does. Defeat ALL your opponents for the first round for the Bronze trophy!

SNOW WARS: This game is similar to battleship. Uncover all of your opponets items before he uncovers yours for the win. I haven't gotten that far yet so I don't know when you get the trophy, but many of you already have it!

GO GO GO!: This game can get complicated so pay attention to the rules. The more you play, the better you get. You must get rid of all your cards before the other 3 players. I think I only won one round when I got the bronze trophy. Defeat all of the opponents to get the GOLD!


PUNCHBAG BOB: This is a battledome trophy. You need to train and equip your pet before you attampt this one. The more strength your pet has, the less time it will take. Punchbag Bob has 5000 hp, but does no damage to you. You get the trophy after beating him once!(You will have to wait until the war is over to fight him)

DEFENDERS OF NEOPIA: Also a battledome trophy. Your first opponent is the Pant Devil. This character is totally random, but with some luck, you can land on him through the wheel of excitement. If you can defeat Punchbag Bob and the Chia Clown, you should be able to defeat the Pant Devil. After defeating him, you get a trophy saying you completed mission 1!(You will have to wait until after the war to fight this challenger.)

THE WAR!: After you defeat one opponent, you get points for your side and a snazzy little trophy proclaiming your points!(Will only last as long as the war, but there will usually be a new trophy for a new war!)

NEOQUEST I: You get a trophy for completing this! normal=bronze+10,000nps, evil=silver+30,000nps, insane=gold+50,000nps

NEOQUEST II: You get a trophy for completing this! normal=bronze+10,000nps and random item, evil=silver+30,000 and random item, insane=gold+50,000 and random item(once)